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Headquartered in Singapore, Sibelco Asia is the operating holding company of the Sibelco Group in Asia.

The establishment of a full-fledged regional organization reflects Sibelco's commitment to Asia. Often acting as pioneers we invest in new locations and markets providing our customers with reliable quality mineral products contributing to their endeavour to become quality local suppliers.

Our history shows our commitment to continue growing and investing along side our customers in this region.

Mid 1960's :
Sibelco dispatched technicians to evaluate silica sands in Vietnam
Early 1970's :
Ankerpoort started trading industrial minerals from China
Mid 1980's :
Sibelco dispatched its first technical team to China to assess float glass sands
1995 :
Sibelco established a representative office in Hong Kong to assess the China and Asia opportunities
Since then Sibelco Asia has established the following businesses:-
1997 :
Sibelco Bao Lin:   Silica grinding business in Taichung, Taiwan
Sibelco Lautan Minerals:   Silica grinding plant in Cikarang, Indonesia
1999 :
Sibelco Anhui Minerals:   Quartz sand operation in Anhui, China
Sibelco Minerals (Thailand):   Silica, feldspar grinding in Banglen and ball clay mining and processing in Lampang, Thailand
Sibelco Lautan Minerals:   Ball clay operation in Kalimantan, Indonesia
Sibelco Malaysia:   Silica and feldspar grinding plant in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia
2000 :
Sibelco Anhui Minerals:   New grinding plant in Anhui, China
Sibelco Shanghai Minerals Trading:   Trading office in Shanghai, China
2002 :
Sibelco Shanghai Minerals:   Silica grinding plant in Songjiang, China
Sibelco Gilfair:   Ball clay mining and processing in Xinhui, China
Sri Vijaya Gimpex:   Feldspar and quartz mining and processing Company in Andrah Pradesh, India
Korea Semiconductor Material Co. Ltd. (Kosem):   Quartz, fused silica, barytes grinding and spherical silica production in Nonsan, Korea
Tinex:   Kaolin mining and processing company in Ipoh, Malaysia
Sibelco Bao Lin:   Silica grinding plant in Miao Li, Taiwan
Shri Vijaya Gimpex:   New glass grade plant in Balanagar, India
Sibelco Lautan Minerals:   Silica sand mining and processing in Belitung, Indonesia
Zircon grinding plant in Tangerang, Indonesia
Shri Vijay Gimpex:   Expansion of feldspar and quartz mining operations in Andrah Pradesh, India

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